2022/02/16 14:23

●Main Meeting Point

●Free extra pick up service!

Please choose a pick up location from the list below. If you do not know where is the best place for pick up, please write your hotel name or address on “notes/remarks” and we will choose the best place to meet. (We will let you know with confirmation email that we send within 24 hours.)
Also, if you did not give us picking up request by 6:00 pm (JPN), the day before the tour, your picking up point will be automatically the "LOVE" statue in Shinjuku.

<Pick up Service> 

①7:35 am Royal Park Hotel (in front of the reception) 
②7:35 am Agora Place Asakusa Hotel (at the lobby)
③7:50 am Shiba Park Hotel (in front of the reception) 
④7:50 am Keisei Ueno station (in front of the Main Exit at the ground floor) 
⑤8:00 am McDonald's Suido-bashi Sotobori-dori Branch (in front of the McDonald) 
⑥8:00 am Apple store Ginza (in front of the Entrance) 
⑦8:10 am Imperial Hotel (in front of the Bell desk at the lobby) 
⑧8:10 am The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo (in front of the Bell desk at the Main Entrance) 
⑨8:30 am Shinjuku Prince Hotel (in front of the Bell desk at the Entrance Hall) 
⑩8:30 am Hotel New Otani (in front of the Entrance Level 1 at the Main building) 
⑪8:30 am Shibuya Tokyu Rei Hotel (in front of the Entrance) 
*You can check-in with our staff having a green and white flag when you get there.