2023/02/02 15:53

1. Choose the date you want to attend.

2. Choose where you want to have a pickup, select a plan (Adult or Child, with or without lunch) and how you would like to return (for Mt. Fuji and Hakone Tour) then click "Add to cart"

3. You will be showen your shopping cart, if you are booking for one person just simply add your paying details.
If you are booking for several people, you can change the amount from right side (Yellow circle)
If you want to add another opttion (like for children) or another tour, click "Back to shop" (Yellow circle) and you will be showen all the tours agian.

4. This time, we will show the same tour with adding child option in the cart.
Once you clicked "Back to Shop", choose the tour you want to book, choose the same options but with "Child" and add to the cart.

5. You will be showen 2 items in the cart.
If you want to change the amount, change it here.
Make sure you selected same tour with same options.
With a same way, you can order other tours as well.
Once you finish adding to cart, type in boxes on the left side for payment.
We will send you and confirmation details in 1day.
Any quiestion, please ask us.