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Tour Conditions For Japan Panoramic Tours
This outline of tour condition represents part of the terms of transaction stipulated in Article 12-4 of the Travel Agent Law, and the contract specifying services rendered for travel and other matters as stated in Article 12-5 of the Law.
1. Contact for Agent-Organized Tours
(1) Responsibility rests with the company operating Agent-Organized Tours (here in after referred to as DOA) whose name in full appears below and in its tour pamphlets or website. Clients joining such tours shall conclude an Agent-Organized Tour Contract (here in after referred to as the Travel Contact) with DOA .
DOA JAPAN Corporation (DOA), trading as Japan Panoramic Tours
Address 2F Umeya Building, 8-12-8, Nishi shinjuku, Shinjuku 160-0023
Tokyo Metropolitan Governor Registered Travel Agency No.2-7051
(2) The content and conditions of the contract shall conform to those specified for each tour itinerary, conditions as specified here under, the final itinerary handed to clients before departure (here in after referred to as the “Final Itinerary”), and Agent-Organized Tours as described in DOA’s general terms and conditions as based on the Travel Agent Law (here in after referred to as “General Terms and Conditions of Agent-Organized Tours”).
2. Special Conditions of Tour Application
(1) A client under 20 years of age traveling alone during the tour period shall provide DOA with written consent of his/her guardian. Clients under 15 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
(2) DOA may refuse an application if any one of the client’s age, qualification, skills or other conditions do not conform to those designated for tours aimed at specific customer categories or purposes.
(3) Clients who require special attention from DOA during the tour for reason of chronic disease, general ill-health, pregnancy or physical handicap, shall advice DOA of this when applying for the tour. DOA shall comply with such requests to the extent deemed feasible and reasonable. And if DOA take a special arrangement in compliance with the client’s request, the client shall be responsible for incurred expenses related with the request. DOA may require clients to present a medical certificate. DOA may refuse a client’s application if conditions at travel destinations and facilities are such that safe, smooth tour operation cannot be guaranteed, or require the client to be accompanied by as escort. In some case, DOA shall change a part of the itinerary or recommend the client to join another tour with the minimum extra charge or refuse his/her participating the tour.
(4) For Clause 1, 2 and 3, notification concerning acceptance or rejection of client participation in the tour shall be made by DOA within 1 week after the application is submitted.
(5) If DOA determines that client needs medical diagnosis or treatment by a physician owing to illness, functional disease or other reasons during the tour, DOA shall take measures necessary to ensure smooth operation of the tour. All costs resulting from such measures shall be borne by the client.
(6) Independent activities for reasons of the client’s own choosing shall not be arranged by DOA during the tour. However, DOA may, depending on the tour course, arrange such activities under separate condition.
(7) DOA may refuse client participation if it determines that he/she threatens to embarrass, inconvenient or interfere with the collective activities of tour participants.
(8) DOA may also refuse client participation for the tour operational reasons.
3. Payment of Tour Fare
The Tour Fare of full must be paid prior to the departure time. A travel contract is deemed to be concluded and become effective upon receipts of full payment.
In the case of booking by internet, The Tour fare of full may be paid when the application is made on.
4. Amount of Tour Fare
(1) Clients 12 years of age or more shall be charged adult fare and those aged 6 to 11 shall be charged child fare unless otherwise specified. One child 5 years of age or less can join the tour in the company of an adult, but will receive no services such as meals. If more than one child, one child fare will be charged for each additional child 5 years of age or less. This does not apply to tours for which infant fare are quoted.
(2) The fare is indicated for each tour course. Clients are asked to confirm the fare according to the departure date and the number of participants.
5. Item included in the Tour Fare
Please note that the items included in the tour fare are only those as specified in the itinerary.
Meals : Only the meals specified in each itinerary.
Transfer: Motorcoach and local conveyance where specified in each itinerary basically on a seat sharing basis.
Sightseeing: Administration fees to attractions and etc mentioned in each itinerary.
Guide and Escort service: A multilingual audio guide system and a tour assistant for sightseeing will be provided.
Gratuity: Gratuity to motorcoach drivers and etc.
Tax: The Consumption Tax.
Note: In principle, DOA will not make refunds for above fare even if clients choose not to use the relevant service.
6. Item not included the Tour fare
Charges and expenses other than those specified in the preceding article are not included either.
7. Revision of Tour Service Content
DOA may, after conclusion of the Travel Contact, cancel the tour or revise its contents and services for any of the following reasons: natural calamity or disaster, weather conditions, civil unrest, suspension of services rendered by transport facilities, provision of transportation not based on the original operational plan, government order, or other circumstances beyond DOA control. DOA reserves the rights to take necessary measures when safe, smooth tour operation according to the itinerary is deemed impossible, or when there is valid reason to believe that the tour cannot continue. In such cases, DOA must explain in a timely manner its inability to function according to the Travel Contract under the circumstances. However, said explanation may be made after revisions are made when conditions demand.
8. Cancellation Charge
If a client cancels the Travel Contract for personal reasons, the following cancellation rates will apply to the tour fare.
A: Tours with accommodations
If a cancellation notice is received by DOA:
21 or more days prior to the tour date No Charge
20 days to 8days prior to the tour date 20% of the tour fare
7days to 2 days prior to the tour date 30% of the tour fare
1day prior to the tour date 40% of the tour fare
Prior to the starting time of the tour 50% of the tour fare
On or after the tour date or without notice 100% of the tour fare
B: Day Tours
If a cancellation notice is received by DOA:
8 or more days prior to the tour date No Charge
7days to 2 days prior to the tour date 30% of the tour fare
1day prior to the tour date 40% of the tour fare
Prior to the starting time of the tour 50% of the tour fare
On or after the tour date or without notice 100% of the tour fare
9. Liability of DOA and exemptions
(1) In performing its obligations under the terms of its Tour Contract, should DOA cause damage to the client through willful negligence or fault, DOA shall be liable for such damages. However, this applies if the damage is report is made within 2 years reckoned from the day following the occurrence of the damage.
(2) DOA shall compensate for damage to baggage as stated above, provided that said damage is reported within 14 days counting from the day after the occurrence , up to a maximum of 150,000 yen per person. Not applicable when damage is caused intentionally by DOA or through serious negligence.
(3) DOA shall not be liable for damage incurred by clients as stipulated in Provision 1.
Here in above if any of the following reasons apply:
a. Natural disaster, war, civil unrest, and alternation or cancellation of tour itinerary due to such cause.
b. Accidents during transportation, damage by fire.
c. Cessation of services related to transportation, and tour itinerary alternation or cancellation owing to such causes.
d. Orders of either Japanese or foreign governments, immigration regulations, isolation resulting from infectious diseases, and tour itinerary alternation or cancellation owing to such causes.
e. Accidents occurring during the client’s fee activities.
f. Food poisoning.
g. Theft
h. Delays, stoppages, changes of schedule and route in relation to transportation facilities, and tour itinerary alternation and/or shortened stays at destinations owing to such causes.
10. Special Indemnifications
(1) In accordance with the DOA Organized Tour Contract, DOA shall pay compensation, or provide condolence money to the client in the event of death or significant bodily harm and/or pay compensation money for damage to baggage, which is either coincidental with or due to extenuating circumstances encountered during the Organized Tour, regardless of DOA’s responsibility as stipulated in 1 of Article 19.
(2) DOA shall not pay compensation or provide condolence money as stipulated in 1 of this Article when damages result from the client’s willful negligence, driving while intoxicated and/or illness. The same restriction applies should the client engage in such dangerous sports and activities, others not included in the Organized Tour and engaged in during a client’s free time.
(3) Except for articles listed as exempted from DOA responsibility as specified in DOA terms and conditions, the following items are also exempted from DOA responsibility. Jewery/precious metals, personal computers/word processors and accessories, data and similar items, drivers licenses, visas, deposit receipts and similar articles, and equipment for windsurfing, scuba diving, surfing or similar sports.
11. Liability of Client
DOA shall require the client to indemnify DOA for losses sustained owing to a client’s willful negligence, fault, conduct against public order and good manners. Or breach of provisions in the DOA Organized Tour Contract.
(1) The client is required to make every effort to utilize information acquired from DOA and to understand the details of his/her rights/responsibilities as well as the details of tour conditions.
(2) After the start of the tour, if a client should find that the tour service provided is different from that specified in the tour contract, the client is required to report the discrepancy to DOA or Arrangement Agents for DOA or Tour Service Providers immediately.
12. Itinerary Booking Guarantee
(1) Should major changes occur in Travel Contract contents as stated in the left-hand column of the following table (except for changes mentioned in the 1) through 3) below, DOA shall calculate the change compensation money by multiplying tour fares by the rate indicated in the right-hand column of the table, and make refund to the client within 30 days counting from the day after the tour ends. However, if it is evident that liability as set forth in 1 of Article 19 occurs owing to said changes, DOA shall pay the amount not as compensation for changes but as either a portion or total amount of indemnification for damages.
1. DOA shall not pay compensation for changes when they occur for following reasons. (However, compensation shall be paid in the event of shortage, even when services are provided, such as for seats, rooms and other facilities.)
A. Bad weather and natural disaster which hinder the tour itinerary.
B. War
C. Civil unrest
D. Government order
E. Suspension of services involving transportation, etc., such as cancellation, interruption, cessation, etc.
F. Provision of transport services different from the original schedule, owing to delays or changes in operation schedules.
G. Necessary measures to prevent tour participant death or bodily harm.
2. Regardless of item 1 here in above, the maximum amount of compensation for charges paid by DOA under one Organized Tour Contract shall be the tour fare multiplied by 15%. This money will not be paid, however, if the total amount is less than 1,000 yen.
3. When the situation warrants, DOA shall indemnify the client by offering economic benefits equivalent to compensation money, or damage indemnification instead of cash payment, if the client so agrees.
4. If, after DOA has compensated for changes made in accordance with Provision 1 here in above, it becomes evident that DOA is responsible for the changes as stated in Article 19, Provision 1, DOA shall pay the client for the damages mentioned in Article 19 after deducting the sum already paid under the terms of Provision 1 here in above.
5. DOA shall not provide compensation when the order in which tour services are provided change from those originally stipulated when all services are provided during the tour.
Changes for which DOA shall pay compensation Amount of compensation for changes –
Tour fare times the following percentage per incident
If the client is notified by the day prior to start of tour: If the client is notified after start of tour:
(1) Change in tour departure or termination date as specified in the tour brochures and homepage: 1.5% 3.0%
(2) Changes in destination or entry to tourist spots and/or facilities (include restaurants) stated in tour brochures and homepage: 1.0% 2.0%
(3) Changes in grade or equipment of transport facilities as stated in tour brochures and homepage to those of lower cost (only when the total price after change become less than stated in the Tour Contract.): 1.0% 2.0%
(4) Changes in transport vehicles or of company operating them as stated in tour brochures and homepage: 1.0% 2.0%
(5) Changes in accommodation facilities or the name of accommodation providers as stated in tour brochures and homepage: 1.0% 2.0%
(6) Changes in type of rooms, facilities, views of accommodation as stated in tour brochures and homepage: 1.0% 2.0%
(7) Regarding changes in items (1) through (6), above as relating the tour title in brochures and homepage, these rates shall apply instead of those for the above items: 2.5% 5.0%
Note: 1. “One Incident” represents one automobile ride or one ship ride in case of transportation and one change in each of the applicable items involving other services.
2. If multiple changes as stated in (6) above occur during one automobile or ship ride, they will be regarded as a single alternation.
3.Only one rate shall apply for changes as stated in (7) as above.
13. Correspondence Contact
When we receive an application from a credit cardholder (here in after referred as a “member”) of a credit company we deal with, based on the conditions of “receiving payment of travel changes, cancellation fees, etc., without the signature of the member” (here in after referred to as a correspondence contact), the travel conditions are different from the ordinary travel conditions in the following points: (Some travel agencies may not be able to handle this type of application. The types of cards that are handled very among travel agencies.) A contract shall be based on “travel business-related stipulations that are used for conclusion of a travel contract by Correspondence means contract.” A contract shall be concluded at the time when we consent in the case of application by telephone, and when we issue a notification of our consent in the case of other communications means. At the time of the application, information of the “member number, card expiration date,” etc., shall be provided. A “card usage date” shall be the day of payment or repayment of travel charges, etc. The card usage date for travel charges shall be the “date when a contract concluded.” The card usage date for cancellations fee shall be “the day cancellation of a contract is requested (when a request for cancellation is made on or after the card usage date for travel charges, repayment shall be made within 7 days from the after the request.)” When payment cannot be made using the credit card a member applies with due to a credit reason, etc., we shall cancel the Correspondence Contract, and be entitled to the same amount as the cancellation fees mentioned in the above, as payment for damage caused by a breach of contract. However, this shall not apply if travel charges are paid in case by a date we designate separately.
14. Standard of Tour Conditions and Fares
All the tour fare are effective from January 1st, 2019 to December 31, 2019 unless otherwise specified in the tour description.
15. Privacy Policy
DOA and its entrusted travel agencies listed in the Sales Office column will use the personal information provided in the tour application forms only for communicating with clients and for arranging transportation to provide the services request by the client.
16. Others
(1) The client shall pay the expenses incurred when he/she asks for the personal accompaniment of a tour conductor for such purposes as guiding shopping, etc., costs arising from client injury or illness, the return of lost baggage or articles left behind owing to personal negligence, as well as changes incurred by independent activity.
(2) The client shall accept all responsibility for decisions regarding individual purchases at souvenir shops even when said shops are introduced by DOA or its local operators.
(3) Even if each tour is invisible due to the weather condition, the tour will not be canceled or tour fee will not be refused.
(4) Other matters are subject to the DOA Tour Contract, including related tour documents presented separately.