SHINJUKU WALKING TOUR *Great Photo Spots in Kabuki-cho!

¥ 6,000

*Tax included.

*Limit of 10 per order.

*Shipping fees are free on this item.

Discover the fantastic part of Shinjuku, which is the biggest ward of Tokyo, on an about 2.5 hours walking tour. Enjoying the neon lights, local atmosphere and modern skyscrapers in Shinjuku at nights. We will take you exploring from west Shinjuku to the east. You will have the chance to get the amazing night view at Shinjuku, experiencing the local Japanese food 'Izakkaya' in Omoide-Yokocho, watching Godzilla Head Kabukicho. Then we will head to Golden-Gai which is atmospheric nightlife district in Kabukicho. The final stop will be visiting Hanazono Shinto Shrine, one of the most historical shrine in Japan. You will have an amazing night in Shinjuku with us!

1.English Speaking Tour Assistant will join the tour.
2.Customers can find fantastic photo spots in Shinjuku.
3.This tour can experience Izakaya (Japanese style pub) with light meal and one drink.

●Main Meeting Point:
Meeting point: Uniqlo Shinjuku Nishiguchi(West) Shop Main entrance
Meeting time is 18:30
Address: Shinjuku Palette 1-1-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Google map:

・Tour Operation:Every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.
(Except 2019:Jan 13, Feb 10, Mar 3 and 21, Apr 28 and 30, May 2 and 5,
Jul 14, Aug 11 and 13, Sep 15 and 22, Oct 13, Nov 3, Dec 24)
・Meeting place: Uniqlo Shinjuku Nishiguchi(West) Shop Main entrance.
・Visits:Omoide-yokocho, Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku Golden-gai, Hanazono Shinto Shrine.
・Operation Time:18:30 – approx. 21:00
・Req. to Run Tour:2 guest(s)
・Customer Service:Tour assistant.
・Customer Service Language:English, Japanese.

1.18:30 pm Meeting and Departure at Uniqlo Shinjuku Nishiguchi(West) Shop

2.18:40-19:25 Omoide-yokocho(Small Restaurant Arcade)
We will provide Japanese style light meal such as Edamame, Yakitori, and one drink.

3.19:30-19:35 Famous Gate for the entrance of Kabuki-cho.

4.19:40-19:45 Godzilla Head at Toho Cinema.

5.20:00-20:20 Shinjuku Golden-gai.(Local Flavor Town)

6.20:30-20:45 Hanazono Shinto Shrine.

7. 20:45-21:00 Tour will be finished at Shinjuku station or Kabuki-cho
*Our guide will help you to find your dinner or more attraction such as Samurai museum.

●Item included in the tour fare
English speaking tour assistant, Light Meal and One Drink

●Notice & Remarks
Itinerary order is subject to change depending on traffic, weather and operation.
*Customers will walk approximately 75 minutes in total.