Hiroshima & Miyajima from Shin-Osaka without lunch(round trip by bullet train)

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Discover the Peace Memorial City Hiroshima and visit the magnificent landmarks in a day! Travel on an air-conditioned coach in Hiroshima and get the chance to visit The Peace Memorial Park, The Atomic Bomb Dorm, Daishoin temple, and Miyajima Itsukushima Shrine.
The tour will depart and finish at Osaka (Shin Osaka station) by Shinkansen.

1.Multilingual audio guidance available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Thai and Indonesian.
2.English Speaking Tour Guide attend the tour
3.Effective Itinerary for Wonderful landmarks in Hiroshima & Miyajima

Our Operation: 4 times in a week(Tue, Thu, Fri, and Sun)
Except: 28th Apr, 30th Apr, 2nd May, 3rd May, 5th May, 7th Jun, 9th Jun 14th July,
19th July, 6th Aug, 11th Aug, 13th Aug, 15th Aug, 15th Sep, and 22nd Sep.
Departing from and coming back to:JR Shin-Osaka station

<Where you visit>
Atomic Bomb Dome, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum,
Miyajima Otri Gate, Ikutsushima Shinto Shrine, Daishoin temple and Miyajima

Duration:approx. 12 hours.
Req. to Run Tour:1 guest(s)
Customer Service:Tour assistant.
Customer Service Language:English, Japanese.
Audio Guide:Available
Audio Guide Language:English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Thai and Indonesian.

1. 8:00 am Meeting at Shin Osaka station.
・Taking Shinkansen Bullet train to Hiroshima staion.

2.Hiroshima Station(Depart from there 10:05)
・On the way to first destination you will see Hiroshima castle from the bus.

3.Atomic Bomb Dome <<World Heritages!!>>
・You can still see original construction which is survived from Atomic Bomb.
・It was built in 1915 by Jan Letzel who from Czech Republic.

4. Peace Memorial Park
・There are more than 50 peace statues in this park.
・Also you will see some of statues with tour guide.
・You will see lots of paper crane at the park.

5. Peace Memorial Museum
・There are so many exhibits relate with WW2.
・You can see some videos which recorded by victims.
・You will learn tragedy of history.

6. Free Lunch Time
There are many restaurants and shops where you can find lunch.

7. Miyajima Island
・You will get there by ferry.
・You can contact with wild deer on the way to Itsukushima shrine.

8. Otorii Gate
・This is the Shinto gate which located on the sea.
・It is 16 meters high. Same size of the great Buddha in Nara.
・It will under renovation from June to next year.

9. Itsukushima Shinto Shrine <<World Heritages!!>>
・It was originally built in 593, but almost constructions were built in 1168.
・It is located on the sea as well.
・You will enjoy magnificent view, and historical construction with vividly vermilion color from

10.Free time at Miyajima.<There are 2 options.>
<Option No,1>
Daishouin temple: This option goes to Daishoin temple with tour guide.
・It is the oldest temple in Miyajima.
・You will see more than 1000 unique statues at there.
・Also you can enjoy beautiful and mysterious lanterns in a hall.
<Option No,2>
Explore Miyajima Island freely.
・You can discover Miyajima Island by your-self
・You can enjoy shopping at a market.

11. Drop off at JR Hiroshima station around 17:20

12,Go back to Shin-Osaka station by Shinkansen.
・GO back to Shin-Osaka station with tour guide.
・Around 20:00.

・The stops and visiting order are subject to change depending on traffic, weather and operation. If any place is closed, we will try to attend to alternative places.
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